The Stargazer I ®, Barcelona (Spain), 2008

The Stargazer (El Miraestels) is the representation of a character that, upon a half sphere, gazes at the sky while holding a star behind in his back. Three Miraestels have been located on 2008 in the Barcelona Harbour, to welcome ships and becoming a reference point for all the tourists and locals moving around in the area. In Sitges, a beatiful sea town 50 km south Barcelona, there’s another Miraestels in front of its beach, fixed on deep water.

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Stargazer BarcelonaStargazer Sculpture in the waterStargazer Sculpture in the waterStargazer BarcelonaStargazer BarcelonaStargazer BarcelonaStargazer SitgesStargazer SitgesStargazer detail