Constellations ®, Pyrénées Orientales (France), 2011

Constellations involves the creation of a highlighted network of signaling towers in the Pyrénées Orientales, which are strong elements of heritage county symbolically highlighting the contours of this territory.

This project totally unique, it provides a daytime and nighttime lighting of these monuments, originally at the turn of Força Real, which dominates the plain of Ribéral. The signal towers are middle-aged defensive elements intended to transit whith the greatest urgency across the territory of the Pyrenees-Orientales important information such as the arrival of troops and suspected enemies. The towers communicate with each other using smoke and fire, during day or night.

Constellations recovers, with an artistic vision, the original meaning of the towers. During the day we will use the sun itself by installing sculptural elements reflecting its light. These elements form quarter-sphere made of polished stainless steel mirror, will be located near the towers and reflect sunlight while providing exceptional visibility. At night, in the same spirit of constellation, the reflections become points of light generated by blue LEDs powered by solar energy. All the lights are blue, a hue that evokes the spiritual space and invites contemplation distant, while providing visibility discreet but profound.

Força Réal lies at the heart of the Pyrenees Orientales region, known as "plain Ribéral, with a visibility of around 360 º. It is estimated that the installation can be seen 10 km to the round when the weather is clear.