WŘrth Museum La Rioja (Spain), 2010

Retrospective Exhibition
The Museum Würth La Rioja has opened an individual exhibition of the spanish artist Xavier Medina-Campeny. The exhibition, curated by The Art Observer, collect a sample of more than 60 sculptures created by this artist in the last 30 years, and will run from 26th  November 2010 to 20th March 2011.

Because of this exhibition the sculpture "Atlantic Ocean" has been purchased by the Würth Collection. The Würth Collection is the largest private collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe, with more than 13,000 works of different international artists on his catalogue.
Museum EntranceHumans, 2009 (Xavier Medina-Campeny preparing the exhibition)People attending the exhibitionPress Clipping: Diario La RiojaPress Clipping: Diario La RiojaBombsAtlantic Ocean, 1985Atlantic Ocean, 1985 (detail)The Conversation, 1980Self-portrait, 2004Press Clipping: el CorreoHemingway, 1990 (Owned by El Bulli - Ferran AdriÓ)