Early ruin ®, Geneva (Switzerland), 2011

Neon-lighting Project - International Art Competition - Light Installation Plaine de Plainpalais
"Early Ruin"is the proposal made by Daniel Canogar to be installed at No. 4, avenue Henri-Dunant within the framework of the Neon-lighting Competition in Geneva. The work symbolizes an illuminated sign that is already in ruins from the first moment of its creation, which proposes a direct thought on the obsolescence of nowadays advertising, consumer goods and technologies.

Since its profusion, in the 50's and 60's, neon advertising signs have directly influenced the urban landscape of cities. Aware of this reality and with its impressive landscape of classic advertising neon beside the Léman Lake, the city of Geneva is organizing an innovative public art contest to gather proposals from outstanding artists on the international scene for the placement of artistic neon sign in the Plaine de Plainpalais.
As a result of the previous two stages of the competition, started in 2007, the city has already 6 permanent neon art installations.
Early Ruin, Daniel Canogar NeonEarly Ruin, Daniel Canogar NeonEarly Ruin, Daniel Canogar NeonEarly Ruin, Daniel CanogarEarly Ruin - Installation at Plaine de Plainpalais - NightEarly Ruin - Installation at Plaine de Plainpalais - DayLocation Map of the different artworksPlaine de Plainpalais, GenevaChristian Jankowski artworkNic Hess artworkSylvie Fleurie artworkJerome Leuba artworkSislej Xhafa artworkD.G. Foerster artworkThe traditional advertising neon installed in Geneva, along the Léman Lake