Céret and Collioure Museums (France), 2011

Retrospective Exhibtion
The Musées d'Art Moderne in Ceret and Collioure have opened simultaneously an individual exhibition of the spanish artist Riera i Arago. This unprecedented double exhibition, designed by The Art Observer and curated by Josephine Matamoros, collect a sample of the most comprehensive paintings and sculptures produced by this artist, either in the recent months or in the past 30 years.

On the occasion of this exhibition, the work "Céret Airplane" has been purchased and becomes part of the prestigious collection of the Musée d'Art Moderne in Ceret, internationally recognized for its exhibitions of contemporary art and for its art fund, which includes one of the most important collection of terracotta done by Pablo Picasso.

The exhibition
will be runned from June 18th to November 6th, in 2011 (
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Céret Airplane, 2011Opening of the exhibition the Céret Museum, attended by the the President of the Languedoc-RousillonThe work The great art installation The artist Riera i Arago con la obra Spectator watching the work Spectators watching the works Spectator walking beside the installation Formal Opening Speech at the Céret Museum, by Josephine MatamorosThe artist Riera i Arago, Josephine Matamoros and the Mayor of Collioure with the work Formal Opening Speech at the Collioure Museum, by the town's MayorA Pascal Comelade Concert at the Collioure Museum, because of the opening of this exhibitionGeneral overview of the garden in the Collioure Museum the opening dayPress Clipping - ABCPress Clipping - El PaísPress Clipping - El PuntPress Clipping - Público